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Strange Waters ISBN 978-1-913665-36-4

Strange Waters

Short story collection, published by Arachne Press, 29 July 2021
ISBN 978-1-913665-36-4
‘Set in Cornwall. coastal erosion and flooding take on a near mythical power as the stories in this collection weave in and out of the recent past and near future, as lives and relationships ebb and flow.’
Available from bookshops or direct from Arachne Press
‘Rewilding’ – Pushcart nominated, and appearing in the upcoming Arachne Press ‘best of’ collection Hiatus.

When Raindrops Travel Up Instead of Down

Morrab Library Short Story Competition, 2021 – Second Place


Mslexia, March 2021 edition (creative non-fiction)


Mslexia, September 2020 edition, ‘The World’s Wife’


‘Tymes Goe By Turnes’ anthology (Arachne Press, ed. Cherry Potts)
Stories and poems from the Solstice Shorts Festival 2020  https://arachnepress.com

Goodbye, Spider

‘No Spiders Harmed in the Making of This Book’ anthology 2020
(Arachne Press, ed. Cherry Potts)
Celebrating the eighth anniversary of Arachne Press https://arachnepress.com

The Words Don’t Sit Easily

Winner – Iceland Writers Retreat competition
Funded attendance at the Iceland Writers Retreat in April 2018

Cape Cornwall

‘Dusk’ Anthology 2018 (Arachne Press, ed. Cherry Potts)
Stories and poems from the Solstice Shorts Festival 2017. 

On 21st December 2017, the shortest day of the year, eighteen stories and twenty-eight poems celebrating DUSK were read live on 12 sites – a wave of words across the UK. https://arachnepress.com


‘Stories for Homes 2’ Anthology Sept. 2017
This story has been selected for publication in the anthology ‘Stories for Homes 2’ published in September 2017, a project to raise funds for the charity Shelter.

An Eye for an Eye

Chagword Very Short Story Competition, March 2017 – 2nd place


Mslexia showcase, March 2017, Guest Editor Sophie Hannah

‘Jackie Taylor’s ‘Breathless’ is a sensitive and sophisticated approach to the topic of guilt, about a girl blaming herself for her parents’ marital problems.’ Sophie Hannah


You can listen to ‘Breathless’ here


Read by actor/VO Claire Calverley www.clairecalverley.weebly.com
‘Breathless’ previously published in Mslexia magazine www.mslexia.co.uk

Starfish Dreams

Winner, Polperro Festival Short Story Competition 2014
Read Starfish Dreams here on the Richard and Judy website.

” Richard and Judy are delighted to publish these stories here and congratulate all three winning writers. ‘We sincerely hope they will be encouraged by this well-deserved success to continue writing and pursue their dreams of authorship. These are all tremendously good starts. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. ”   Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.


‘Skimming Stones’ Winter Warmer Writing Competition 2014, 2nd place

“Another wonderful response to the writing prompt, Finisterre particularly excelled in both characterisation and sense of place with Jackie’s subtle lyricism lifting the short piece to another plane. “


Cardiff Women’s Aid Anthology 2013


Moving Stories, 3rd place

“Lifelines” is a short story that effectively moves between two narrators, Chloe and her estranged sister, Helen. Their difficult relationship (and parallel stories) were handled skilfully by the author. Understated writing and all the more powerful for it.Anne Aylor

The Things We Can’t Say

Scryfa volume 8, 2006,  ed. Simon Parker

‘Superb, beautifully light touch.’ Western Morning News